Download 돼지가 우물에 빠진 날 The Day a Pig Fell into a Well 2018

Download 돼지가 우물에 빠진 날 The Day a Pig Fell into a Well 2018

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Anda sedang mencari video yang berjudul 돼지가 우물에 빠진 날 The Day a Pig Fell into a Well 2018. Streaming dan Download Video ini memang sangat banyak dicari oleh banyak orang. Semoga dengan streaming dan download video ini sobat bisa terhibur dan wawasan sobat tentang video ini terus bertambah.

Deskripsi :

돼지가 우물에 빠진 날 The Day a Pig Fell into a Well (1996)

소설가 효섭은 변변한 작품 하나 출간하지 못한 처지다. 후배의 출판사로 가서 자기 원고가 먼지만 쌓이고 있다는 것을 확인한 효섭은 저녁 술자리에서 평론가와 한바탕 싸움을 벌이고 철창신세를 진다. 그는 삼류소설가로 취급받는 것에 열등감과 피해의식에 시달리면서 유부녀인 보경과 열정적인 사랑에 빠져든다. 결벽증이 심한 보경의 남편 동우는 업무차 진주로 출장을 가지만 보경이 영 미덥지 못하다. 한편 적당한 허영심과 허상을 갖고 소설가 효섭의 아내를 꿈꾸는 극장 매표원 민재가 효섭의 원고 교정을 봐주며 행복을 느끼지만, 효섭은 민재는 눈에 들어오지 않고 보경과의 불륜에만 탐닉한다. 보경은 마음만 먹으면 자신이 버린 자기를 언제든지 찾을 수 있다고 믿으며 효섭과 탈출을 감행하기로 한다.

Hyo-seop is a miserable novelist who has not yet published a single decent novel. He visits a publishing company where one of his junior colleagues works only to confirm that his manuscripts are worthless. That night, he goes out for a drink with friends, gets into a fight with a critic and ends up in jail. While suffering from a sense of inferiority and victim mentality for being treated as a third-class novelist, Hyo-seop falls madly in love with a married woman, Bo-kyung. Bo-kyung’s husband Dong-woo has mysophobia and often goes on a business trip to Jinju. However, he doesn’t trust Bo-kyung wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Minjae, a girl who works at a ticket booth in a movie theater, dreams of marrying novelist Hyo-seop. She is a girl with some sense of vanity and illusion of becoming a novelist’s wife. She is happy as she helps Hyo-seop with editing his manuscripts. However, Hyo-seop is not satisfied with Minjae and indulges himself in an affair with Bo-kyung. Bo-kyung believes that she can always come back to her senses whenever she wants to and decides to escape from her marriage with Hyo-seop.

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